Global Economy

The Business Jungle or The Business in the Jungle

Economics is an applied science.
An applied science is an optimized and mastered know-how, according to the capacity of the performers, or rather of the Scientists.
The economy is made up of a collection of wealth, the main elements of which are derived from the earth and gray matter.
The elements which are produced by land and sea constitute part of the GDP (gross domestic products).
And the other elements of wealth are generated by gray matter, following the creation and exploitation of the global resources of the planet and of the intellect.
However, economics is a science of civilization and founded on common values of knowledge.
In the prehistoric era there were the same resources buried in the ground, but humanity did not share the same conception of the art of living and the same intellectual capacity.
The economy is spread out like wedges of an orange.
That is to say, it is hierarchized by categories that constitute elements of societal systems.
In our time, it is globalization that makes up the global economy of the planet, then the GDPs (gross domestic products) of countries, and companies.
Companies are not the last links in the economic chain of a country, but they constitute an essential link in the economy that unites the various components of society, namely: production and population, as well as capitalization and the consumption.
However, scientists, engineers, companies and their employees are the real chains in the creation of the economy of a country or a company.
The economic capacity of a country or a company lies in the capacity for action and their competitiveness, or rather their professional and diplomatic competence.
To sum up, there is the participatory economy and the collaborative economy.
Either way, economics is business.
And business is a conversion of the wallet, or rather in cash and virtual currency.
As humanity evolves, so do systems.
Long live science, or rather long live knowledge and diplomacy.
About values, you said nowadays how much does it cost ?




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